‘We Tortured Some Folks,’ But ‘That’s Not Who We Are’

Torture as an intelligence gathering technique is useless and inefficient. You have to spend time and resources to verify if the resultant information is indeed correct and that is often done in more traditional methods, so why the need for torture in the first place? Torture to me only feeds the thirst for revenge, and fills the well of hatred and cruelty. Speaking to pain endurance, I have only two instances of prolonged intensive pain in my own experience, the natural childbirth of two fairly large babies; the first at 9lbs 4 ounces and it was 36 hours of excruciating back labor; I was begging for anything to stop the pain, I was that out of my mind with the pain. I cannot imagine how anyone being subjected to torture can even keep their facts straight when the only thought is to stop hurting. Throughout history there are many other examples of interrogation practices that do not rely on torture whatsoever; instead they rely on dialogue followed by investigative techniques and those provide better, more reliable information than simply inflicting inhumane degrees of pain until the mind is practically broken. Even if you dismiss the humanitarian aspect with regards to torture, the unreliable aspect of the information should be enough of a reason to never justify this unreliable end this very ugly and violent means.
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