Republicans Are Mad At Ted Cruz For Doing Democrats A Big Favor

The rules of the Senate are definitely arcane and complicated; to my mind that does not make for good governance. I need to remind myself however to send Senator Ted Cruz a Thank You Note for facilitating the democratic process of nominee confirmation just in time for the holiday seasonal vacation. It should be newsworthy that those congressional leaders of ours seem more concerned with their vacations than the governance of our nation. I mean how do we, the people, take them seriously when they don’t have any guilt about leaving us without a Surgeon General for so long, that is until Ted Cruz saved the day by playing around with the rules of the Senate. Here is to another one of Ted Cruz’s machinations! Machiavelli could have learned a trick or two in writing The Prince from Senator Ted Cruz! I still dislike the Crominibus bill; it is a horrible giveaway to Wall Street and another round of austerity policies for the future, not to mention the irresponsible treatment towards the EPA and its mandate and let us not forget the pensions for current retirees. This spending bill shows no thought to most Americans, it is solely written for Corporate America. That is no gift for the holidays, that is coal in our collective stocking.
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