Mitch McConnell: Keystone XL Pipeline Will Be My First Bill

How close to the edge to we need to get before politicians such as McConnell, Canadian Prime Minister Harper and Austalian Prime Minister Abbott realize that they are leading us to a future that will be bleak and dangerous, not for us necessarily, but for our children and grandchildren? These free market enthusiasts constantly warn us and berate us for the supposed danger that federal deficits will bring to the future generations; honestly they are simply yelling about money, while climate change is all about physical existence. The air we breath, the water we drink and the soil that grows our food; if we abuse these with impunity who cares about debt or riches, their future lives will be miserable. How much more scientific data can the scientific community gather and present to the republicans in order for them to finally accept that this is not a hoax? Is it stupidity, is it denial or are they psychotic? In the face of such blatant irresponsibility towards our environment, is greed really what should be in the personality makeup of our politicians? We must at all cost find some way to financially and physically separate corporate greed from our political center of power and decision making if only for our future.
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