Marco Rubio Fires Back On Cuba: Obama Is The ‘Worst Negotiator’ In My Lifetime

Over at the American Prospect Paul Walden wrote that it was only as recently as 2013 that republican politicians and republican pundits were saying that our President seemed bored and looking forward to his days out of office; it seems that they might have spoken too soon. Some would say that our President has become re-energized by the new challenges brought on by the new dynamic in congressional gridlock, a soon to be felt republican majority in both houses. I think that President Obama is doing the right thing in starting the process of normalizing relations with Cuba, it has been 53 years and they most certainly do not pose a threat to us in any manner. If we are truly sincere in our wishes for the Cuban people to experience freedom then what better way then to lead by example? Though we may want to look at our own experiences with freedom because over the past forty years, we have lost quite a bit of ground in terms of economic freedom and all of it was due to relinquishing our economic power as consumers and productive labor over to the corporations. Moreover we have also relinguished our privacy freedoms and some political freedoms since our tragic shock of 9/11. It was Benjamin Franklin who famously said “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” As we approach the year 2015, I would argue that Ben Franklin most definitively knew what he was talking about and we should have heeded his words at the onset because once something is legislated, it is so very difficult to get it off the books especially when it spawns a bureaucratic quagmire as large as the Department of Homeland Security or the N.S.A or any other acronyms that we have laying about in D.C related to national security. It will be interesting to see how hard Marco Rubio will be willing to fight back against our President’s directives in this case. I wonder how much rope the republican leaders McConnell and Boehner will allow him to have before they yank it out from under him. We will have to wait until the New Year to find out, but in the meantime I think that the new theme song in Washington should be “This joint is jumping, it’s really jumping” I think that our President would most certainly appreciate that.
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