Vermonters Burn Medical Bills To Protest Governor’s Single-Payer Decision

I am beyond disappointed in Governor Shumlin’s decision and I can only imagine how the Vermonter’s feel. I was hoping that Vermont would be the beacon for like-minded states such as Massachusetts to follow in its example. He says that he doesn’t see a viable way to finance the single payer option, but that is because he is seeing taxes in a limited way. He is understanding taxes in the same way as republicans and conservatives do, taxes take money out of your pocket end of story, with this mindset he limits his understanding of the greater picture. Taxes can free people from certain out of pocket expenses and free their monies for other uses to put back into the economy. We may be all covered by healthcare insurance, but in terms of the ratio of what they cover in medical expenses and what we are on the hook for, it is getting to be more and more in their favor with us being held responsible for a greater share of out of pockets expenses. So yes our taxes may be lower, but we are paying more and more to the benefit of healthcare insurance companies profit margins everywhere. My family in France do pay more in personal taxes than my family does here in the States, but when it comes to healthcare they do not receive secondary bills at the same rate that I do. Moreover they have never had to make a choice between medications, seeing a specialist, having a test done over whether or not they can afford it and still pay another important bill. Corporations have become too big and too powerful and they are sucking the life force out of us the citizenry. We elect leaders who constantly pick the Big Money instead of us, the exceptions being Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren to name a few, we need to stop and start electing more leaders such as these few who will go the extra mile and stand up courageously against profits and fight for the public weal for a change.
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