Ray Kelly: Bill De Blasio Ran ‘Anti-Police Campaign’

I am heartsick for the police officer’s families; it is such a tragedy. I most certainly appreciate that it takes a special type of person to volunteer, train and work as a police officer to serve and protect the public. However why are the top police officers not blaming the actual shooter? Given his extensive criminal record I don’t really buy that his actions were fueled by Mayor deBlasio or the Ferguson protestors, I would argue that he was aiming for some noteriety. I believe in giving police respect, but and there needs to be a but, when a police officer is videotaped choking an unarmed man for something that could have been resolved with a summons and isn’t held responsible or accountable, there will be outcry. Moreover when we have had decades of incarcerating predominantly African-Americans and our police have engaged in widespread Stop and Frisk, the “broken windows” strategy of policing and a myopic view of the world at large, the communities will have issues with that treatment and will take to the streets to be heard. Dialogue is needed but it needs to approached with honesty, self-reflection and compassion. I know that this is a tall order, but until it happens we are going to have serious disagreements between the police and the public at large and this is not healthy for either party in our society.
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