The Official Biggest Losers Of 2014

I would argue that for the majority of us, those who are not in the millionaire class and above, are the real non-winners; I don’t like to lump us together as “losers” it is not who we are, but those in power with wealth would like to keep us down, that is for certain. We just saw congress come together and manage to repeal the Dodd-Frank provision that will allow the Big Banks to continue with their reckless gambling behavior, pensions will be allowed to be cut, campaign finance contributions will be allowed to be further increased; causing more possible corrpution to infect our democracy. Moreover as of next year, we will have a congress made up of very powerful Climate Change deniers in key positions with potential to make our environment even more toxic all in the name of capitalism. This past year has been another year of disappointment for those hoping for more transparency in campaign financing, trade agreements and on the agricultural agenda, the small farmers were most certainly not in the winning circle. But all is not lost, everything I outlined above has been determined by men, therefore it can just as easily be undone by men, so we have goals that are achievable; all we need to do is band together and implement them.
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