The Trade Agreement Pinatas

We need to stop blindly gravitating towards the word “free”. It is only a word and it doesn’t mean what many of us thinks it means, especially in the real world. We need to focus on the word “fair” and take the time to intelligently decide what it means to us and for us as a society in all of its expressions. Everything that I have read regarding the TPP and TPPIP have all pointed to corporations having the upper hand in all economic matters and for them it could amount to what we call a “free” ride, but at our expense so for us it wouldn’t be a “free” trade agreement. I was always under the impression that in business risk and reward are intertwined and have a balanced relationship; with much risk goes much reward and the inverse would be true. That no longer seems to be the case anywhere in Corporate America; every industry wants to impose the risk onto the people while the corporations reap the rewards and to add insult to injury, they expect us to shoulder the burden of financing our infrastructure needs. Our society can’t function this way for much longer, it has been forty years of deregulation, rising income inequality, lop-sided tax codes and to what end; our nation has become number one in areas that aren’t the ones that any nation would aspire to; we can and we must change that. We have to participate in every election because they all matter and who we elect matters. Our democracy is like a game of dominoes; each piece influences the other and if we set up our pieces correctly we can be happy with the outcome. It will take time, but it can be done.
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