Rep. Michael Grimm Pleads Guilty To Felony Tax Fraud

I was speaking to my husband about the hypocrisy surrounding the fact that for some felons, depending on the state that they live, the right to vote is no longer a guarantee and following that thread of discussion, why would we allow a felon to serve in Congress? I know that there are several states that allow felons to regain their right to vote after completion of their sentence, but it still is a process to go through fraught with delays and headaches. I am aware that there have been other members of Congress who were found guilty of other charges, but is that ever a valid reason to not do the right thing? Mister Grimm needs to do the honorable thing and resign his seat. He did turn my stomach the moment he was caught threatening the journalist with bodily harm when he said that one more question and he would break him in two and throw him off the balcony; so not only did he plead guilty to tax evasion, but he is a potentially violent man as well. That type of behavior is unacceptable. We need to demand better from our public servants.
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