The Government Problem

Former President Ronald Reagan did so much damage to the 99% that we are still discovering new tidbits even today. He unleashed the trickle down economic theory wrapped up in his folksy musings and sold it as gospel to the Republican base despite the fact that more serious minds such as H.W Bush called it “voodoo” economics. Reagan simultaneously grew government and federal spending while slashing programs aimed at schoolchildren and the needy. He both raised and lowered taxes, all the while making sure that the wealthy and corporate America did fine. He again with his folksy demeanor made government out to be the enemy and our government hasn’t recovered from that disingenuous narrative ever since. One key item that would make a difference in any attempt to rehabilitate our idea of government would be to take money out of politics, expand the field for potential candidates and decrease the campaign cycle; that might give us elected officials who are more reflective of our society. I wish that Reagan hadn’t been elevated to sainthood by so many and I especially wish that our President would stop referencing Reagan as an example to cajole some republican support. Reagan in my mind was the worst President for the average American, I would have us instead look towards the Roosevelt’s if we needed an example of leadership and courage. They understood the concept of government and communicated it extremely well. Government as written by our founding fathers is a system that has been established by the people, for the people and of the people. We need to honor that.
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