Obama Hopes To Enlist GOP In Push For Trade Pact, Despite Democratic Resistance – The Washington Post

I have been signing petition after petition calling for an end to all of the secrecy aurrounding the TPP and the TPPIP negotiations and to not allow any of it to be Fast Tracked through congress. I am a firm believer that absolutely nothing good ever comes from secrecy; if the trade discussions were really in favor of the people, the negotiators should be proud of that shouldn’t they, why would they keep that secret? Instead we have been getting bits and pieces from Wikileaks and only because a brave person is leaking the information and all of these leaks points to a bigger imbalance of power and wealth in store for the future if these agreements are signed. We are not seeing progress in the sense that say Gene Roddenberry or other hopeful futurists envisioned, instead the progress that we are staring at is one of more efficient exploitation of the masses and a more effective upwards redistribution of wealth. That, in the eyes of the 1%, is progress because progress is simply a word and words can be altered and manipulated in ways that serve the ones who are directing its meaning. I prefer the word “fair” to be tied to trade instead of “free”. We see the good that it does in the realm of chocolate where Fair trade agreements help the small farmers in their dealings with certain companies, we need more agreements like those in other industries. I am hoping that with the new year, our democrats will use their power of the filibuster to do whatever they can to prevent the Fast Track approach, even if they get maligned for it in the practice. If the democrats stand strong in this, they will have the favor of working people everywhere because they still have the bitter taste of NAFTA in their mouths and the moths in their wallets to remind them of the utter failure that it turned out to be for the average worker; not that any of the C.E.O’s seem to care. I don’t know why our President thinks that this is a good idea, but it is up to us and our democratic senators to persuade him otherwise.
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