The Republican’s Magical Mystery Tour (Starting Next Week)

Can congress arbitrarily fire the CBO director? Aside from clear cut disagreements over the type of impact that tax cuts have on the economy, isn’t there a just cause protection and due process to go through? I am hoping that Porfessor Reich is simply sounding the alarm and getting us ready to sign the petitions and make those calls because if this come to pass; our future is in for a scary ride. The idea that Senator James Inhofe will be chairman of the environment committee is enough to keep me up at night and now they are gunning for the non-partisan and reality based accounting and bookeeping office that at least tries to keep everyone honest with the numbers. Accounting is supposed to be boring such as banking was not that long ago until Wall Street decided to simultaneously raid both parties and our elite universities; the political parties to get them to repeal the banking regulations and the universities to get our brightest and seduce them with huge dollar signs to game the finance industry. That all happened and look where we are today. If congress successfully fires the current CBO director and installs someone who will go along willingly into fantasy land accounting, our future generations will not only have to face climate change consequences, but they will have to face those challenges with a much more dilapidated infrastructure than we already have, because the republicans do not believe in investment, they believe in sucking out all of the good from whatever resource is there and making off with the riches, leaving a scorched earth behind. We will have to endure their “leadership” ideas for two long years and it is mostly our fault for not showing up to vote.
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