This City Eliminated Poverty, And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It

I think that this article is important because it highlights the diferences between conservative and progressive mindsets when it comes to basic human nature, society’s responsibilities towards its own well-being and what words such as success, welfare, responsibility, luck and self-sufficiency really mean. Words have subjective and contextual meanings; I believe that we all need to agree on that and also that, regardless of their subjective nature or perhaps because of it, words have incredible strength and can be manipulated very easily. We have seen this up close and personal in the United States when former President Reagan said that government was the problem; the word and the concept of government never really recovered from that huge slight pronounced by a President no less. Frank Lutz, the republican wordsmith and strategist is another one; he is the brains behind “job creator” “death panels” amongst others. The effects of this wonderful experiemnt in Dauphin Manitoba reveals that the persons in charge from the left whose perception of human nature was one that internalized human dignity and respect and didn’t assume that human nature was one of laziness and fraud, was on track with how the people pulled themselves out of poverty, not by taking advantage of the program but by using that extra income to make common sense choices not available to them because they weren’t stuck between a rock and a hard place. Those in poverty, stuck in that vicious cycle, demonstrate the same qualities as those living in wealth, poor people exhibit self-reliance and self-sufficiency when it comes to sewing their own clothes, canning and preserving, hunting and smoking their own meats or fish, relying on their ingenuity to get by another day, however often their reason for being poor is generational, the same as many of the wealthy. Moreover luck is a two sided coin, it can land well or poorly; be it the casino or the stock market, an accident or bad corporate policies or public policy, all of us at one time or another are not the captains of our own destinies. We all need to stop making assumptions based on what we think success is or how it was achieved. We need to think of human beings, their dignity and their fundamental rights that we as a society are responsible for because it is the right and moral things to do. The question that I keep asking myself at 47 years old is, what are we racing towards in the end, all of us? How and why did currency become the be all and end all, since the beginning of our human story? We haven’t really evolved very much in the thousands of years that we have been walking this planet. We are still fascinated and a little too obsessed with shiny, pretty things, some of us take too much, some of us let fear determine our lives and there are some who rise above all of that, but there aren’t enough of them and that is where we need to evolve; when those who are magnanimous and courageous become the majority and become leaders and stay as leaders; then perhaps we might get a lot of our issues dealt with, there is always room for hope. Why not, since these are all manmade problems, there is nothing in nature that says we have to live this way.
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