Grover Norquist Calls Out Republicans For Not Taking Credit For Economic Recovery

Grover Norquist misses the forest for the trees in all things economic. I have to say that he is proud of the fact that at the tender age of 13 he had his epiphany under Reagan, but unfortunately for us he has never evolved and holds incredible sway politically in the background. The economy is improving DESPITE the republicans horrendous strategy of obstruction that has been in effect for a solid four years. If Grover Norquist truly wants to give republicans credit for the economy, then he should be very honest and specific and admit that the recovery has been directed towards the 1% purposefully, because how else to explain the republican’s narrow-minded obstruction. All of their tactics and negotiating strategies were clearly done to advance the agenda shared by the wealthy and Corporate America with a callous and disdainful dismissal of the 99%. If Grover Norquist admits to that, then I would be right there with him saying “yes the republican party is responsible for all of the gains distributed upwards to the 1% because that is what the Republican Party does very well, use their power and their legislative responsibilities to reshape and manipulate economic opportunities upwards, all the while depriving the working class and those less fortuate of opportunities and possibilities to determine their own economic future.” The day that we can get one of them to admit that publicly, with the addendum that the “trickle down” part of the scheme is exactly that a scheme or more honestly a con job, then maybe at last we would get a solid working class voting bloc that would transcend political parties and become one economic party; the party of the people or the party of the many or more apropos the party of the 99%. That would be a good day for America.
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