Out with 2014, in With 2015, and Up With People

Professor Reich was not exaggerating when he stated that we have a lot of work ahead of us if we want to grab a share of the recovery that the corporations and the financiers have already taken huge benefits from and enriched themselves many times over. The dichotomy between how voters cast their ballots when it came to ballot iniatives and then who cast their ballots for this past November is both thought provoking and confusing; the few who turned out voted republican candidates into office in great numbers, sadly turning both houses republican, but still voted for progressive mandates when possible such as increasing minimum wage and legalizing marijuana. We need to figure how to work with this disconnect between ideas and people. In a rational world you would think that if you are supportive of a progressive idea, you would be inclined to vote for people who would legislate similar proposals into potential laws, not vote in candidates who actively despise the ideas that were voted in by the people. Somehow we need to definitively educate and convince the average worker and consumer that they are the job creators of America and the reason for this is so very simple; demand. It all goes back to the first thing that you learn in ECO 101 the supply and demand curve; no matter how much or how little supply of something there is, if there is no demand the item in question is useless. Demand is the consumer, those in corporate America are the supply or the distribution side of the equation, but they have brilliantly convinced the people that they are the job creators when in fact they are not, they are beholden to us and our consumers dollars and also our productive labor. If Walmart opened its doors one morning and no one showed up, after days and days they wouldn’t be able to survive; ergo they are not job creators. We hold a lot of potential power in our hands, but we have been dispossessed of our bargaining powers, our voting powers and our economic freedom for so long that we aren’t sure what to do. What we need to do is vote more progressive candidates into office, take money out of politics and keep marching, signing petitions and calling our representatives. In other words we have to continue agitating for our rights and our place at the table.
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