After Years Of Cuts, Government Spending Is Starting To Rebound

This is good news on the local front; perhaps we will all have to bypass the republican congress for the next two years and make our own destinies by investing in whatever infrastructure and educational funding we can with our local revenue stream. I am sure that President Obama will do what he can via executive action to help secure better economic futures for the working families however he can, though I know that he would rather always work with congress to push our nation into the future; unfortunately republicans would rather sit tight and hearken to years past when supposedly it was a better America. I would argue that our future is what we make of it and we should be embracing alternative energy sources enthusiastically especially in light of how the oil market is operating; if this isn’t proof that fossil fuels need to be put away, then I don’t know what else can convince people that solar and wind energy are one of the paths to the future. Moreover, in line with the thought that our future is what we make of it; we need to recognize that the labor/capital relationship is woefully out of balance and that over the past forty years through tax code and policies, it has made it so that the strength and power of corporate entities have exponentially grown and it has been suppressing working families everywhere from achieving the most out of our economic system. We should locally and statewide try to do as much as we can to rectify this unhealthy imbalance. I think that when there is a fair and balanced approach to our economic system, we will see a healthier society. Income inequality only serves a tiny minority; it is very dangerous for the rest of society, causing strife, uncertainty and rebellion. It is within our means and power to effect change, we have to want to do it.
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