Thomas Piketty Refuses Big Award: Government Shouldn’t ‘Decide Who Is Honorable’

I can understand Thomas Piketty’s sentiment; I interpret his motives as being honorable and not hubristic in the least. I applaud what he said “if the French government truly wanted to honor his contribution to the economics field and thus society, they would take a page literally from his book and apply some practical public policy to reduce the income inequality between the economic classes”. I believe that Monsieur Piketty was quite clear and I wouldn’t accuse him of being coy or playing hard to get. Unfortunately I doubt that President Hollande’s government will have the courage to do the right and honorable thing; they are too intent on following Germany’s directive of austerity economics and politics, instead of supporting Italy, Spain and Greece’s lead; these three are agitating both within and without wanting to break the hold austerity policies have on the entire Eurozone. The world can see that the Eurozone is not getting out of the weeds anytime soon; I fear that they really did not take the time to create a more stable political union before they embarked on their economic union centered around a central currency without making real politik consessions and promises to each other. If they had taken the time to seriously research and debate the underpinnings of the United States of America’s economic makeup, both from the federal level and the stateside level, perhaps they would have been better equipped to withstand the Global recession that hit them as well as navigating the housing bubble that targeted just a few of their nations. We have our own issues, but throughout the history of our union, we have had all of our political leaders acknowledge that we can never let any of our states go under and though we might have some states take more than they give, in the end it all comes out in the wash, that is why we have a federal government, it ties all of us together. Europe needs to come to that understanding because if they refuse to, their union may well implode upon them.
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