Energized Obama Aims To Start 2015 On His Own Terms

I just watched a video of the President taking a walk across the park in D.C ( the Secret Service probably hates these outings) and he is so genuine with the people, you can see that he appreciates everyone, joking and taking pictures with them. Children and babies love him and that cannot be faked. I am sincerely hoping that his veto pen never leaves his side because I fear for the safety of the Affordable Care Act which is still in its infancy and also for the senior social insurance laws; Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid because the Republican Party is gunning for all of them. They are bent on privatizing as much of our public institutions, our public safety nets and our public commons as possible. They justify their philosphy with words such as efficiency, effectiveness, profitibility and productivity which masks the redistributive nature of their schemes. All of their plans have the principal design of funneling the public wealth into private coffers. I hope that our President continues throwing the Republican Party off their game with decisive action such as what he did with immigration and Cuba. The only area that I disagree with our President is the TPP and the TPPIP agreements and with the new Republican senate I fear that the Fast Track authority will come to pass and these treaties won’t be debated and argued over in congress and might be passed since they are only subject to the up/down vote. I firmly believe that we should never sign a treaty that is purposefully kept secret, even from congress as a whole. I have been signing petition after petition asking for congress not to Fast Track these treaties and to allow for debate in the chamber as it should be, secrecy is never good for the little person. Corporations are the only winners here from what has been leaked in the news and haven’t they won enough already? The people need to win a few rounds in the economic ring, it is only fair.
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