Republicans Take The Reins | TheHill

I am a progressive and I still do not envy Boehner or McConnell and what they will have to endure these next two years. We have been hearing non-stop since the Republican Party won this last November that this is it, a public reckoning of sorts; can the Republican Party govern and can they do it successfuly, which means can they manage our trillion dollar economy successfully for their base and for Wall Street? If you read the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, both publications have said that President Obama’s presidency has resulted in better outcomes than both Bushes and if you look at the statistics right now; the dollar is strong, gas prices have fallen to about 2.50 a gallon (remember the 2012 primaries when Newt Gingrich warned us about a second term under President Obama and how gas prices would be at 10.00 whereas Gingrich would guarantee us 2.50, good times right?) the stock market is at an all time high, consumer confidence is higher, wages are slowly rising and we have seen consecutively, a very long streak of positive job growth. This record is precisely why I do not envy the Republican leadership because when they start their shenanigans, which will happen by the third week of January, the markets that they worship so strongly may start to react and if they react negatively, well as we all know, our media loves assigning blame and who would be the most obvious target? The new Republican leadership that is who, so that is where my compassion lies if only for the shortest time, my fear and worries lie elsewhere and that is with us, the people. We are going to be at the mercy of a leadership that wants to pass the Keystone legislation, which just on its face is the worst decision ever in terms of the environment and our health. The Republican Party is also ready to vote yes to Fast Tracking the TPP and the TPPIP, both “free trade” agreements that are shrouded in secrecy which just screams “red flag” to me.Thirdly, the Republican Party for the most part doesn’t support Net Neutrality and that decision is coming up in February, so with their party in control, I am worried that a completely open internet will soon be a thing of the past. Moreover there is the C.B.O office which the Republican Party has threatened to fire its director because he won’t score budgets and other fiscal items using their methods which is “dynamically” so they want to fire him and replace him with someone who shares their worldview that in “real world” economics, tax cuts generate economic growth. I am not sure if that is the scariest item on their agenda for the next two years, but I would rate it very high. We have already lived through the Reagan experiment which was then put on steroids by George W. Bush and look where that landed us in 2008, I am not forgetting Clinton’s role in the 2008 debacle, proof that deregulating financial institutions is a horrible idea, so why would we ever want to revisit those horrible economic and political ideological policies? I dread these next two years.
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