Bernie Sanders’ Brutal Letter On Obama’s Trade Pact Foreshadows 2016 Democratic Clash

If we got money out of politics that would go a very long way of decoupling the outsized hold and influence Wall Street has exerted over the Democratic Party in the past 20 odd years. NAFTA should be lesson enough for us to reject Fast Tracking any type of free trade agreement. Why aren’t we focusing on Fair Trade agreements which would put the onus on the people rather than corporate profits. Tax cuts, subsidies and deregulation have been costing the people far too much; we need to grow our economy from the bottom up, establish a sound economic foundation and that is how our economy becomes strong and durable, built to withstand the hiccups and shifts in the global economy. It isn’t only a matter of common sense, but also of physics, whenever you build something that is top heavy, (like our financial elite, they are the financial equivalent of a top heavy building), over a weak and thin foundation, one shift in the wind or a shakeup at the bottom and it will all come crashng down. We saw that in 1929, we saw that in 2008 and unfortunately for us we didn’t respond in a similar fashion in 2009, we allowed the top heavy financial top to endure and our foundation is still weak. The TPP and the TPPIP will only reinforce that weakness because once again, it is the wealthy and corporate heads who are writing the rules and the regulations, it is as if the wolves and the foxes have banded together to guard the henhouse. I wish that our President would listen to the concerns and the counsel of senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown and Al Franken; they have so much to add to the conversation and our President would be remiss not to address these hugely important concerns. The people should be the first priority because if these financial elites were really the creme de la creme, the “job creators” the wunderkind, they wouldn’t need all of these special tax breaks and loopholes now would they?
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