Dems Decry Social Security Sneak Attack

I don’t think that I am exaggerating at all when I say that for the next two years; those who are the most vulnerable, the working poor, veterans, lower income families, children and the elderly, even middle class families when it comes to their retirement, all have targets on their backs and this new plan taken up the Republican Party regarding Social Security disability benefits is proof that we are all at risk to have our lives made even more difficult. I have a few points to make; one is that perhaps the reason that there are more working people on disability is because more and more of us are forced to work several jobs to compensate for the stagnation of wages that has been ongoing since the 1980′,s since all of the capital gains have gone to the top with next to nothing trickling down. All of that wear and tear will take a toll on any person and secondly most lower income workers cannot retire from manual labor employment, but it wreaks havoc on the body and more importantly stress and depression have physical consequences, as do poor working conditions and hazardous, potentially toxic work sites, so we should not be too surprised that we have more disabled Americans trying to survive with disability benefits. I can’t help but think that the Republican Party must be scared to do anything that might upset the economic gains that we are seeing right now; a strong stock market, low interest rates, little to no inflation, low gas prices, improved manufacturing, all of the ingredients for the wealthy to get wealthier so what else can the Republican Party do? They can only set their eyes on the rest of us because they don’t want to mess with economic success “so let’s pick on the powerless, who cares if they suffer, we can blame President Obama on Fox news and they will believe us”. I seriously do not know how the 99% will get out of this mess until we get huge money out of politics that will allow for the onus of influence to shift back to the people, because once we get to the heart of the matter; one person one vote, then we can have a more equitable and fair balance of power between the people, Wall Street, Corporate America because this is extremely unhealthy as it stands right now. In case congress hasn’t noticed there is a huge retirement crisis for middle America on the horizon alongside the student loan debt crisis, two huge pockets of our population will be in economic insecurity, that is a huge prescription for disaster. Wall Street and Corporate do not exist in a bubble; they may try to and they shield themselves within gated communities as much as possible, but eventually these two approaching crisis will have their day of reckoning just like the housing bubble. For all of their supposed economic genius; the financial elite are not playing a smart long game. We need to listen to the progressives more often for our own future sakes.
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