Democrats Knock Down GOP Bill To Delay Wall Street Reform

What I find appalling is that the Republican Party, who for too long, sat there in congress doing nothing, except for obstructing, which is both doing nothing and doing something at the same time, now with the New Year and their new majority, only now are they are raring to go, all in the name of making the wealthy even wealthier and definitively redefining what government cannot and should not do. Mind the fact that I specifically wrote the words not after can and should, I believe that the Republican Party of today is a party that has fallen in love with the word NO. I don’t understand the Republican Party’s mindset or worldview; they preach picking oneself up by their bootstraps if you are of the lower income strata, but yet they legislate into law taxpayer bailouts in the 1.1 trillion spending bill for Wall Street banks. They worship at the altar of the “free market place” but there is nothing “free” about the way they legislate corporate tax breaks, subsidies and tax shelters at the taxpayer expense. Already in this brand spanking new year, the Republican Party has gone after Social Security and its disability fund, Dodd-Frank, they are poised to further weaken the E.P.A, they have gone after a woman’s right to choose and they are agitating for a veto proof consensus on the Keystone Pipeline. However what really chafes me under my collar is that for all of the obstruction that they put this nation through and we have prevailed in spite of them trying to throw our President under a bevy of buses; they have the gall to try to take credit for the economy when they have been acting as saboteurs all along and to make matters worse they are actively trying to find someone to replace the director of the CBO, who’s term was over on Jan. 5th, who will allow for dynamic scoring on future budgetary analysis. Dynamic scoring means to take into account flights of fancy when you look at how tax cuts could potentially, possibly make for economic growth in some alternate reality because 40 years of hard data isn’t enough to convince the Republican Party that Reaganomics or “voodoo economics” just does not work. Doesn’t everyone realize that this congress is a reflection of only 37% of the voting population? If everyone had done their civic duty, maybe we wouldn’t be facing an anti-environment, anti-science, anti-middle class, anti-working class, anti-everything that isn’t of the 1% congress? We are to blame for the next two years, we may have too much money involved in our political system, but we still have our votes and this past November we squandered our only chance to be heard when it counted. This should be a huge national life lesson for us all.
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  1. I quite like looking through a post that can make people think.
    Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂

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