Paul Ryan Needs A Reality Check On Obamacare

Paul Ryan, his colleagues and Fox News have been fact checked repeatedly since the Affordbale Care Act had been signed into law and they still pop back up and repeat the same distortions of statistics, results and anecdoctal stories if only because it suits their narrative. The more important point is that the people need to do their own homework, live their own reality and realize that there is a strong vested interest in the Republican Party’s fight against Obamacare. Since Tuesday, the minute that the new congress has been sworn in, they have rolled up their sleeves (their forearms must be blindingly white since they haven’t seen the light of day in what, 4 years) and put for forth legislation specifically written to weaken Social Security by denying reallocation of funds from the Social Security fund to the Disability fund without either cuts to benefits or higher taxes. They have written legislation to further weaken Dodd-Frank, they are also trying to re-write the law regarding what constitutes full-time, from 30 hours to 40 hours so that the bigger companies can more easily get out of covering their employees, this is another one of their attempts to further sabotage the Affordable Care Act by diminishing its consumers base. The Republican Party is systematically going after health care coverage, Social Security, pensions, the environment, public education, public roads, public water, wages and student loans. I am starting to dread reading the news because for everything that the Republican party didn’t do over the past four years, they are on a tear about over reaching in just these past few days. Seriously what is their endgame over the long term? A nation of poor people with a minority of multi-millionaires and billionaires? This year will be a year of mass protests, just like it was last year and thank goodness for that. I hope that the lesson that we will all have learned is to never sit home on election day ever again. Our votes are far too important to squander if we want any part in determining our future.
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