Obama’s Free Community College Plan Promises To Shake Up Higher Ed

It’s about time that we aggressively address what has been going on at both the federal and state levels of government, which is that our legislators have been shortsightedly sacrificing our young, our working families and our elderly, all in the name of giving Corporate America all of the support, opportunities and possibilities that had previously been allotted to the people by the policies of democratic visionaries such as F.D.R. No matter how we slice it, there is an umbilical cord between the federal government and the state governments and when the federal government decreases assistance then the state government must make tough choices and unfortunately those tough choices are most often directed against the young and the elderly. There is no logic or common sense to saddle young people with debt before they even have a chance at independence. I would argue that our medical system is in partial disarray thanks to the outrageous costs of our medical educational system, it is also depriving us of general practitioners since that type of practice doesn’t go as far in repaying student loans as specializations do, this is a topic for more in depth discussions at another time. I don’t understand why in the Republican Party’s ideological arena, there has to be a zero sum game in all things economic. Why must many suffer in order to give the best opportunities to a few select? I believe that everything financial, political, societal are all man-made constructs and once we fundamentally understand this, to our core, it will empower us the people to stand up as a majority bloc and firmly instruct our ELECTED representatives that we are the government, the government is for us and by us so we are to be the recipients of all things that are possible, imbued with as many opportunities as are available and we need to instruct them that enough is enough of the tiny elite that have taken great advantage of all of our productivity, our assets and our spending power, all for their personal gain. In the long run, it is we the people who have built this nation and will continue to strengthen and grow this nation and its wealth. We need to deeply understand that the way it has been since Reagan does not have to be for the future. We can and we must change our way of seeing the world and our place in it.
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