Why These Democrats Flipped To Defeat Wall Street Deregulation

I think that the people are very angry about job-outsourcing and NAFTA, something that happened under Clinton’s watch, had quite a role in it, they are also very angry that Wall Street crimes have not be prosecuted, fines are not enough, there should have been jail time. We are also angry that at each time, a potential job creating bill was brought up, it was ultimately a failure, we are also angry at the degree of capitulation that the democrats have exhibited during these past several years. The people are sick and tired of seeing democratic legislators thinking about their own job security ahead of that of their constituents. The entire party should rally behind Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren and take more than a page or two, they should take chapters from their books. Our nation will only have a sustainable and viable future if we invest wholeheartedly in the people, forget about the tiny minority, their wealth is exploitative, manipulative and toxic; it is nothing that can endure for generations as a entity to emulate and support. I cannot help but ascertain that bigger is most definitely not better; if we look around at Walmart and its dreadful legacy; not only from their slaughter of the Mom and Pop store, but their primacy in the race to the bottom, they have built a billion dollar fortune at the expense of the middle class and the working poor. I have said it countless times, no one can be a billionaire without exploiting others. If someone can show me a billionaire who pays their employees a living wage, provides them with proper benefits, then I will adjust my criticisms, however I cannot think of a single one. I think that the democratic party got seduced by the lure of big money and they lost sight of their humble origins. Our finance industry is far too big and that is a serious problem, most of their products are gambles, predictions and hot air; there is practically nothing real on Wall Street. However way back when, when we had a serious manufacturing industry, we had concrete, tangible products and results and then there was a collusion between the GOP and big business; labor was taking too much from capital and how dare they! How to solve this dilemma? Let us work on the tax code and make it financially feasible to out source and let us make free trade the endgame as a foreign policy matter. My point during this post is that when the democratic party sustains and promotes middle class and working class values and interests, our nation as a whole succeeds, from the bottom to the top. There are two industries that embody this principle on a daily basis; the construction industry and the agricultural industry, both attain successes from building their products on solid, healthy foundations and from the ground up, a strong vibrant society can only stay that way if it abides by the same principles. We have seen mass protests because we have strayed from these basic precepts and the 99% are suffering for it. We are looking at the long game while the elite are only concerned with their selfish short game, what frightens me is that we are the ones who always pay for the short-sightedness of those elite unless we wake our democratic lawmakers up and make them do the right thing.
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