Jon Stewart Lashes Obama For Paris Rally No-Show

Oddly enough I am glad that he didn’t go because first of all I don’t know how he would have been able to walk arm in arm with the other heads of States since they walked without their security; our Secret Service would have ruined the whole point of their demonstration of courage, bravery and solidarity. Secondly it would have made it about the United States and the spotlight needed to be on France and the rest of Europe, most importantly I hope that France does not succumb to fear and irrationality. Our President has enough on his plate fighting the Republican Party, let him stay home and Senator Kerry can visit France in a few days to give his condolences in person.
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  1. I saw Jon Stewart’s show and I’m OK with Obama not going for the security reasons, but Holder was in Paris and was a no-show. I don’t get that at all. What’s done is done, and can’t be undone, but it’s a shame that of all the major western nations, the US was under-represented.

    1. I agree with what you said; it is a shame that we were under-represented, but I am sure that the American ambassador would be just a little put out. What is she chopped liver? Though in France, chopped liver is hugely appreciated so in that context, it can be taken as a compliment especially when the chopped liver has been lovingly macerated in armagnac and white wine. Why is it so easy to be negative?

  2. Good points! LOL!

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