House Tries To Stop All New Government Rules

This is the nightmare come true of having a republican senate; previously whenever the house republicans would conjure up these wrongheaded anti-regulation measures, I wouldn’t worry because I knew that the senate wouldn’t pass their bill, but that went away and now lies in darkness to our misfortune. I can understand how voters can get confused by the Republican Party’s easy to understand economic, political and even social messaging; their base is tired and caught up in economic worries and woes and they do not have the time to cross check and fact check everything that comes out of those extremely effective and pithy talking points. It is very similar to the perfect storm; you have an electorate who watches their news for an average of twenty minutes, all boiled down to sound bites, the news is not objective in the classic sense where they investigate and ask probing questions; they parrot talking points and that is what passes for news, competition has left the marketplace and has been replaced by corporate megaliths, our congress is littered with millionaires, and the “right to work” has replaced the unions, essentially draining any power an employee had in the past. Moreover with a still unhealthy percentage of longterm unemployed job seekers out there; we still have an employer’s job market calling the shots and determining a worker’s value. When you look at the average person’s economic landscape you can understand how they vote with their fear and insecurity rather than with the cold logic of reason. The cold logic of reason requires long term planning and patience to wait for others to join you in determining future outcomes; a very difficult task and it doesn’t feed a family or warm a cold house. However I still rail inside because how in the world can anyone even believe the Republican Party when they say that they are instituting these measures because they will protect the American people and their economic futures? Deregulation is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place; financially draining the middle class has made us weaker globally and Wall Street, the Koch brothers and many of our congress people are simply counting their dollars while laughing their way to the bank but at what long term cost? Everyone knows that a weak foundation brings the entire structure down, why aren’t these geniuses realizing this extremely important and inescapable truth?
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