House Republicans Approve New Perk For Wall Street

The two biggest mistakes in our recent history regarding the safekeeping of both our democracy and the well-being of our economy were the Citizens United ruling and the repeal of Glass-Steagal, the two combined have made it almost impossible for Wall Street not to get their way. They have been bombarding our congress with campaign donations and also since our congress is mostly made up of millionaires; whatever legislation that effects Wall Street and their investor class, effects them as well. I most certainly doubt that any members of our congress pay much in taxes in the form of earned income, they most certainly are living off investments, stocks and dividends, talk about a conflict of interest. Basically we are seeing a Republican Party who will not take up the cause of any who are disabled, poor, homeless, food insecure, and trying to get an education; but they will bend over backwards and work long into the night to get those precious taxpayers dollars at the ready, to bail out the next losing gamble that Wall Street makes, which is perculating as we live and breathe; the energy bubble that has been growing and is set to explode if the price of oil stays as low as it is right now, the timing of all of these attempts to defang Dodd-Frank and put the taxpayers on the hook eliminating the measure that separated FDIC accounts from the dangers of derivative trading is very fortuitous for Wall Street. If the Republican Party were truly concerned for the people they would be warning the people about this next bubble and so would the FED, instead of standing by and allowing the Volker Rule to be postponed until 2017. Congress is much worse with their intention to further the postponement to 2019, but still they are right this minute doing nothing to curtail any potential damage Wall Street could inflict on our economy. We the American people have not recovered sufficiently enough from the debacle that Wall Street perpetrated on us and to demand that we bail them out one more time is not only irresponsible but in my opinion despicable.
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