What You Need to Know When Obama Talks Trade

Dave Johnson has other serious economic minds agreeing with him regarding the dangers of both the TPP and the TPPIP deals, one of which is Paul Krugman and he argues that since tariffs are across the board globally a non-issue, there is no need for any of these supposedly “free trade” agreements. The agreements are dangerous first and foremost because they are being negotiated in secret. I know that I have written about this before, but I cannot help but feel passionate about these agreements and their potential for harm to the average person. There have been leaks over the past few months where supposedly Net Neutrality could be off the table, huge corporations could sue for lost profits when faced with environmental regulations, more secrecy over food labeling and if that by itself doesn’t concern you, I don’t know what will. Haven’t we all, globally had enough of these huge corporations taking advantage of our resources, our labor and our taxpayer dollars? We need to band together and inform our elected officials, right up to the President of the United States, that we want these agreements to be put out in the public arena to be debated and understood by all. There is no excuse for secrecy; the implications alone mean that there aren’t any upsides for the American people because if there were, they would be proud to speak about it public. All we need to do is examine the public record over the past 20 years in reference to the economic fallout from NAFTA and CAFTA, the lessons aren’t favorable to the American people, the Mexican people or the Canadian people, but the profits that flowed to Corporate headquarters, that paints a very pretty and clarifying picture for the financial elite and that is what will happen globally if TPP and TPPIP are signed, sealed and delivered. We need to fight it tooth and nail together for the good of us all and our future.
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