Friday Talking Points — Getting Ready For Obama’s Big Speech

The manner in which the Republican Party have treated President Obama takes on an even more dispicable aspect when you see how his administration’s policy priorities have taken hold and the results that they have produced. If we look back at Newt Gingrich’s energy proposals and his promise to get gas at 2.50 a gallon by 2016, we have gas at 2.20 in 2015, if we look at Romney’s promise of unemployment down to 6% by 2016, we have 5.8% right now in 2015. Both Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, (not progressive publications by any measure) have written very positive assessments of President Obama’s economic stewardship during his two terms. I thought that the Republican Party would start their legislative leadership role responsibly and would not try to undo the many policies that have contributed to the economic gains that we have seen over last several years. We need to shore up and strengthen the economic foundation now, since we have propped up the very top, we need to invest in our base to provide our economy with a strong counterbalance to keep our economic engine strong and healthy for the future. Am I being cynical in thinking that the Republican Party is willing to jeopardize our economic uptick just to win the presidency in 2016, ruining what progress we have made just to create a narrative that democratic policies are bad for the economy and only conservative policies work? Sadly the republicans are exemplary with their narratives; democrats speak, apologize and explain too much, they don’t even have talking points, they have talking paragraphs, most people zone out after the second sentence, just ask any waiter when they rattle off the specials, the eyes glaze over after the first two. The democrats have a strong need to work on their communication skills; their policy ideas are very good and have productive value that create lasting results, but without good marketing, people most often aren’t even aware; we need to work on that.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    Hi Laurie! What specific policies (of President Obama, or anyone) do you think have contributed to the lower unemployment and gas prices? I’m just interested in what you would say, since many conservatives think the cut in government spending a few years ago set the stage for economic recovery, and I have read people attribute the low gas prices to fracking, which progressives usually oppose.

    1. The gas price issue has two potential reasons; OPEC is more or less behind it all but for which two reasons, that is the question. Is it to hurt Russia and Iran or is it to muscle out the smaller fracking producers in the U.S to make sure that OPEC remains the world’s dominant fuel source? Take your pick however there is an energy bubble going on and our lovely financial industry is deep into it and we the taxpayer are going to be on the hook for Wall Street’s gambling behavior. Unemployment is because in spite of or despite the republican’s obstructionist tendencies, the Recovery Act did work, the expansion of medical facilities, increased hiring in the medical fields and increases in wages in progressive states all together has led to better employment numbers. Now if the republican lawmakers had gotten on board and helped even a little bit, imagine just how much better we would be doing. This of course is only my opinion. Thanks for commenting James 🙂

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