Obama To Propose Tax Hikes On Wealthy, Breaks For Middle Class

I applaud the overall message that our President will be delivering during his State of the Union; I believe that Thomas Piketty’s seminal work has at last pierced through the veil within the echo chamber that was insulating our President within the beltway and he has come to recognize that our economy has been strategically geared towards upwards economic redistribution through our tax code and deregulation. I realize that with our congress as it is in this new year, his message will be met with jeers, taunts and insults, but at least the American people will hear and perhaps listen to what are sound economic plans to revive a work weary working class which includes the middle class because the middle class is getting just as squeezed as the lower classes, what with the high cost of education and retirement for both themselves and their elderly parents. Moreover perhaps President Obama’s economic plans will redefine what really constitutes the middle class for everyone in this nation, because as of this moment there is a serious disconnect as to what middle class actually means; the median wage for the majority is around 50,000, yet the wealthy think that middle class earns around 250,000, talk about a disconnect. Furthermore with our congress made up primarily of millionaires, they are far removed from the concerns of those who are struggling with 50,000 a year while costs for basic needs have steadily been on the rise over the years; thanks to commodity price manipulation done by banks such as Goldman Sachs, a good example of the price paid for deregulating financial industries. We are at an impasse right now; the wealthy demanding their right to hold on and increase exponentially their hold on the wealth of our nation and we, the 99%, demanding a place at the table and also for more than just a few crumbs of our economic product. Frankly we, the average person, are the ones who are the backbone of this economic engine, we provide the labor, we consume, we invest and we pay all sorts of taxes. The wealthy are not the makers, they are the takers; I would go even further and call them parasites feeding off of our economic productivity. It is about time for our President to state loudly and proudly that it is high time for the spoils of our labor be split up more equitably, nice job Mister President, nice job.
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