Obama’s State Of The Union Speech Will Aim To Influence 2016 Debate

What matters most about our President’s State of the Union are the ideas and words that will reach out and motivate people to think that “we should be living with those opportunities and possibilities” I am tired of the Republican Party’s habit of saying no and then pairs it with their obstructionist behavior; we need to take positive action as a society and invest in our infrastructure, our public education and our public resources. I think that the Republican Party’s narrow and antagonistic world view harms our economy in the long term and doesn’t provide for sound economic foundations to withstand any future reversals of fortune. I have read what Republican senators have said about President Obama’s attack on “small business” and it is so laughable that it makes me sad. There are so many subsidies and tax breaks for small businesses and what our President is alluding to is not the traditional small business, but the huge profit making cows of Wall Street who have not contributed to society in any productive measure, but have rather behaved as financial parasites syphoning all of our resources for their gain; however these parasites do fill up the Republican Party’s campaign chests so of course they will be defended at all cost and that is the saddest part of the phrase, at all cost; primarily ours. That phrase should be a clarion call to the working class republicans; your elected lawmakers are just not into you and how many times must they vote against you before you wake up and realize that you have voted for the 1% at your own expense? I hope that President Obama’s words and ideas reach the American people and become part of the political vocabulary, talking points and goals for 2016. We need to sever the cord between low taxes and economic growth and President Obama is making the first snip at the executive level, our progressive congress people have been advocating this for years, between the two, the stage is being primed for a serious issue to be debated for our next round of presidential debates and we definitely need it.
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