Paris Plans To Sue Fox News For Insulting The City

To some, this may seem like a frivolous lawsuit, but I find that it is something that absolutely needs to happen, if only to shut down the fear mongering machine that calls itself Fox News. There comes a time when those at the helm must be called to the map for grossly irresponsible reporting that is only done with the intent to sow fear and spread suspicion and mistrust. Fox News is allowed under the First Amendment to say what they will, but they need to specify when their forays into international politics enter the realm of opinion and speculation, they cannot state their opinions as being fact; that is where irresponsible reporting comes into play. The Fox news organization needs to realize that many Europeans understand English and they are broadcast globally so their attempts to rouse their base with fear and prejudice does not happen in a vacuum. I doubt that the lawsuit being considered will have a decisive ruling against Fox News, because where would it be filed, adhjucated and ruled upon? The message, however is an important one; Fox News hold yourself to a higher standard and fact check not only yourselves, but your so called experts as well. I realize that the professional left, atheists, working poor, poor people in general are all fair game, but as you are about to learn Fox news, sovereign nations not so much and perhaps this lesson in humility will teach you a far greater lesson in the long run.
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  1. It would be filed in Paris. Internet law states that something is published wherever it can be seen, so there is no problem over jurisdiction. And it may very well go the City’s way.

    1. Thanks for commenting, the information and the possibility of winning put out there, how cool are you!

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