Iran Sanctions Supporters Don’t Want To Improve Nuclear Talks. They Want To Destroy Them.

Thank goodness for sanity and reason. How politically, morally and economically irresponsible of Boehner and Netanyahu for thinking that sabotaging the negotiating and thus the diplomatic process is somehow acceptable behavior. We are finally at a place of hope with Iran after over 3 decades of acrimonious relations and these two want to implode or even scarier, explode that hope. Haven’t we had enough of war and terror, do we really want to invite another actor into the mix? Personally I feel that if Netanyahu and his government would cease and desist building more illegal settlements within the West Bank and if they would stop treating Gaza and its people as de facto criminals, the region would be a much more stable place. If the world came together and stood by a two state solution respecting the 1967 borders, so much of the hatred and fanaticism would dissipate and the jihadist cause would deflate like the footballs did last Sunday during the Patriot/Colt football game. I realize that I am putting the onus of responsibility and accountability onto Israel, but over the past few years, the Palestinian people have been beaten down so much and the illegal settlements have continued unabated, that I feel that Israel does bear some responsibility for the situation as it is present day. Netanyahu has no business trying to influence our congress behind our President and our Secretary of State; there is a chain of command, protocols if you will and to ignore them is a slap in the face of our President and us as a people. Thank you Secretary of State Kerry for putting those two back in their proper places.
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