Bernie Sanders Got Republicans To Make His Argument For Universal Health Care

How many more examples do we need to present before we can finally accept that if we pooled all of our resources together as so many other industrialized nations have, we would have a much better health care system than the one we do now. If only for the fact that it seems that we have to spend every day signing petitions pleading our lawmakers to fight for our right to be covered under a private health care insurace law. Why can’t the republicans accept the Affordable Care Act as a win for their team? The health care insurance companies are doing fine, making money and still keeping their profits. Why are the republicans now deciding to make coverage that much harder to keep by giving companies a pass to deny workers coverage? In a sense if the republicans are successful in eliminating workers from being covered, they will be able to purchase coverage independently but will the cost be too much to bear and is this the endgame for the Republican Party? Are they employing a long term strategy, chipping away bit by bit until the Affordable Care Act falls in upon itself because the Republican Party carefully pulled away at its foundation? We need to turn our attention to congress and present them with an ultimatum side with Bernie Sanders and allow for Medicare for all or be prepared to fail miserably at every future election.
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