Fox News Raises Alarm Over College Course About Race

The entire point of pursuing higher education is to expand your mind, explore other world views, challenge established mindsets and question, question everything; critical thinking and analytical reasoning are such assets in life. In my mind a course such as this would be an excellent gateway to sympathy and perhaps even empathy to your fellow man. When one is the dominant “race” in power it is so simple to blindly lead an ordinary life, unaware that walking down the street dressed in a hoodie while wearing a white face is a relatively safe activity to do, however apply a dose of color to that face and the safety factor is drastically reduced. In my opinion, for the people at Fox and Friends to feel threatened by courses such as those that seek to expand both the discussion and the perceptions of racial relations in our society, is simply proof that they are indeed conscious of their racist impulses and fear being further called out on it because of newer sensibilities learned from courses precisely like these at Arizona State. When a society has over a century of state imposed racist laws, it only makes sense that those laws create a language, unspoken codes, a body language and symbols that are long lasting even after the laws are taken off the books. This course and others like it seek to explore those hidden implications of law and language that still permeates our society, there is no harm in it, au contraire, it is a necessary tool to move forward and beyond our very deep painful racial legacy. Enlightenment only comes with long periods of self reflection and self criticism, it takes time but it must be done.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I don’t know if those Fox people are racist, but they are clueless.

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