A Break in the Greek Tragedy

We need to pay attention to what is happening overseas because a depressed Europe means less demand for our goods here; we do not exist in a vacuum. How many examples of the harm that austerity policies unleashes on the masses do we need to catalog before we accept the fact that these policies have never worked and will never work no matter where it is applied. Remember what the “experts” were saying about California? Austerity fans, most of which are conservatives, were happily predicting that California was in danger of falling off a cliff just like Greece right before Governor Jerry Brown was elected. Fast forward to today and after several years of responsible and common sense progressive policies, California is doing very well. We should be looking at Jerry Brown and his programs as a playbook for other distressed states to follow. However California was lucky, California had a chance to decide its own fate with referendums and a Governor who had the foresight to raise taxes and get revenue streams back in line to deliver the type of government that can sustain a society. The issue with Greece has always been the fact that perhaps it should have never entered into the European Economic Union in the first place; the Union’s demands of low debt to GDP ratios should have been a red flag to begin with so it wasn’t only Greece’s fault in cooking their own books to start with, the Union’s easy acceptance and then Goldman Sachs coming in to finish the job further distorting their accounting practices should give the Greek people a pass in all of this hard and tight fisted economic penance. However you would think that the stronger European nations would rally around their weaker partners and help them weather economic storms because as a whole they are better off then alone, yet Germany isn’t advocating that type of mindset, they are demanding a pay to play method and Greece just cannot do that. I hope for the Greek people that their new government fights for them hard and perhaps something positive will finally come around for them. It has been too hard and unfair for them and it isn’t right.
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