Why Stupid Politics Is the Cause of Our Economic Problems

I believe that the biggest problem we face both here in the United States and overseas lies in the differences between which fical and monetary policies benefits which economic class and since the wealthiest economic class has the most leverage and the most proximity to the lawmakers, their demands are often the ones to be heard most loudly and clearly. The 1% have their wealth taxed differently than ours and at much lower rates since their wealth is not considered earned income, but rather seen as either speculative, extractive, exploitative or of the investing nature. The wealthy are also most likely to park their wealth in tax havens, use their wealth to create or burst bubbles and other financial anomalies while at the same time using lobbyists to strong arm lawmakers into rewriting regulations in their favor. Moreover the wealthy have little to no use of the public commons as we do, they have multiple residences, most likely than not in gated communities, replete with their own privately kept schools, municipal boards, roads and as such they do not require the same things as the general population does in order to have a better quality of life. Since as middle class and the lower economic classes, we do in fact rely on each other heavily and our public commons are what keep us together and connected; it is a sad fact that our earned incomes, which have been stagnant for far too long, aren’t enough to fuel the huge economic engine of our nation; we still depend on the tax base of the wealthy who are unwilling to be part of our community. They have already invested in themselves and view us down below as less deserving, a view that is only heightened by their exclusivity and their self-isolation from your average families. Wealth management is so different from what a nation needs and requires to be successful and stable and sadly the wealthy are clueless in that regard because they think that their wealth shields them from the plight of the commoner, they may be right and unfortunately for us, our lawmakers are not going to tilt the odds in our favor anytime soon.
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