Democrats Say Billionaire Koch Brothers Launch 2016 ‘Electoral Arms Race’

When are we going to hold up our hands and call for a time out? A billion dollars is an obscene amount of money to have to generate for any type of election; I realize that President Obama was able to get that for 2012, but it doesn’t mean that it was okay and that it should be a stepping stone for bigger and more expensive elections in the future. I will never accept the mental and lexicological gymnastics that the conservative section of the Supreme Court went through to argue that money equals speech. We need to reclaim our words, I have to admit that it is annoying that we even have to fight with conservatives over words, their meanings and their power. Words such as entitlements, speech, welfare and liberal are positive words imbued with strong values and yet conservatives have found ways to take them and manipulate their meanings to feed into their narrative. While part of the republican narrative may be about self-reliance and how it is part of the American tradition, when it comes to actually legislating self-reliance into fiscal policy, the Republican Party as a whole writes tax code that specifically targets the most vulnerable punitively, while subsidizing the wealthy with generous aids that prevents the wealthy from ever really being truly self-reliant and this charade continues to be the biggest con played on the poor republican voter. What makes me so frustrated is that the few times that we had progressive policies in the pipeline and the trajectory was on the upswing for middle class and working class; the wealthy insidiously would start to regroup and recalibrate regulations and tax codes and we would fall back into defense without ever having a chance to fully realize what it would be like to take the progressive vision all the way to its conclusion. War and war keep getting in the way, I have to wonder how much of that is manufactured by the 1% because there is a lot of profit making in war. We almost had it in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but deregulation came creeping back in, overseas manufacturing came into the picture, unions got hit and still we had war, war and war, enough to distract us from the domestic economic re-shifting back towards laissez-faire capitalism in spite of all of our lessons from the Great Depression. Sadly it appears that we cannot keep our eyes on more than one shiny object and the elite are very cognizant of that.
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