Obama Wants To End The Era Of Sequestration

If we recall the sequestration debacle, it originally started out as the stick, not the carrot, but wound up as the poisoned fruit that we got stuck with instead, so it would only make sense to do away with it now that our economy is on an upswing, at least it is for the wealthier inhabitants of our nation. I cannot understand how or why anyone from the working class listens to republican economic ideology anymore. We have reams and reams of economic data that show how republican policies only help the investor class. Their conservative fiscal policies produce different results because their economic needs are different than those who earn their income the old-fashioned way and no one takes the time to explain that working class and middle class economic needs require very different fiscal policies to thrive. I think that most people assume that fiscal policy is a one size fits all, that if it will work for the investor class, it will work for the working class, but that is a fallacy. We need the news media to do their job and provide informative and investigative pieces highlighting what fiscal and monetary policy does and for whom, not the lazy parroting of talking points that we have for news nowadays. If we look overseas at Europe, it is as plain as day that austerity policies are devastating many of the nations within the Eurozone, even in Germany, our news media never addresses it, but if you look at German publications they are often critical of Merkel’s handling of the economy, calling for more infrastructure investment and more protections for their workers. Moreover, if we look across the swath of Red States right here in our own country; the extreme applications of supply-side economics is ravaging the poor, the working poor and the children, not to mention their credit-ratings; examples include Kansas, New Jersey, Texas and with the new elections, Maryland will be in for a ride as well. These policies will be a boon to corporations and the wealthy, but what a toll it will be on the majority of their residents. These states are going to implode from their internal economic, structural and social deficits, it isn’t going to be pretty and yet the voters either show up and vote these absurd policies in or they stay at home, falsely thinking that they made a point, but what they have done is only hurt themselves further in the process by letting these devastating policies turn into law. What I find so frustrating is that it doesn’t have to be this way, we can do better, we can shape our future, but somehow we get in our own way.
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