Obama Mocks Mitt Romney For Being ‘Suddenly Deeply Concerned About Poverty’

I realize that Romney has withdrawn his name from the field, but I can understand why President Obama made his quips about Romney’s sudden reversal of priorities. The pointed critique that President Obama made concerning how convenient it was for the Republican Party to suddenly express deep concerns over the income inequality is still relevant regardless if Romney is in the race or not. In case people aren’t aware, it is the Republican Party’s economic agenda and its adoption of specific fiscal policy that has hastened the growth of income inequality since Reagan’s administration back in the early 1980’s. We need to remember that fact, it is very important for future policy decisions to understand that our income inequality gaps aren’t new, they have been with us for far longer then the six years of the Obama presidency. It has been unfortunate in a sense for the Republican Party and their benefactors that the Great Recession peeled back all of the illusionary wealth that the working and middle class people thought that they had; if it weren’t for the collapse of the housing market/bubble; we wouldn’t have woken up to the extent that the Republican Party and Wall Street had rigged the rules and thus the game for so long. The very fact that the Republican Party’s presidential candidates and Republican lawmakers are now speaking about poverty issues in many of its expressions, shows that with the economic progress that we have made under the Obama administration, they are running scared for 2016. They are trying to set the talking points early in order to get in front of the conversation that will be front and center for the next two years. I think that these conversations will be extremely important for us as a nation and we need to keep Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown out on the front lines alongside our President, arguing for tighter financial regulations in the form of a new Glass-Steagal, more American manufacturing and more infrastructure investment. If we just look at the latest Cromnibus Act of 2014, we see that the Republican Party isn’t serious about financial regulation to safeguard taxpayers against irresponsible risk taking by the investor class; there should never be a formula for legalizing the privatization of rewards with the public being responsible for all of the risk, that is not what capitalism should be about. Moreover if we look at the failed amendments to the Keystone Pipeline legislation, one of them was to use American Steel; proof that the Republican Party has no interest in bringing manufacturing back here; it is not economical for the investor class, only for the working class and the Republican Party just isn’t into them. We need to remember these points throughout the next two years and hold the candidates to them at every stage of the game.
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