For A Closing Act, Obama Has A Bold Plan To Transform Child Care

We are lagging behind the rest of the industrialized world in how we provide for our society, how we prepare our young and how we tend to our most vulnerable. We provide the best and most agressive opportunities for those who are already at the top of the economic ladder and allow them to pull the ladder up behind them out of reach for those beneath them. Each time our populace elects republican politicians into office; we are voting into fruition, policies that widen the already vast income divide in our nation. Our government is here to do for us what we cannot do alone and it is the same for each of us regardless if we are wealthy or poor; if we are wealthy then we band together to force legislators to design the tax code to benefit our needs and desires i.e shaping our government to do what we cannot do alone. On the flip side, the middle class and the working class don’t do as well banding together to force the government to forge policies that would implement change in their economic lives. President Obama’s agenda for childcare programs on a national level will most certainly be a boon to those working class families who are at a handicap when it comes to trying to get out from uncertain economic circumstance. The Republican Party does not comprehend the true nature of economic uncertainty that pervades most working people’s lives. If you listen to business news; the constant refrain is of certainty and how vital it is to the health of the business community. They are not alone when it comes to certainty; working people need it as well, they need to know their work schedule more than a week in advance, they need paid sick leave to deal with sick children and they need secure child care to be able to be the most productive at the work place. Proactive policies put into place will not only be beneficial to working people but also to businesses; happy employees make employers more prosperous. The Republican Party should be able to see that; they need to get away from their myopic mindset of small government; it is their biggest delusion shared across the board because in the cold reality of day, they don’t really want it for their contributors or donors. The 1% make out like bandits while they convince the poorer republican constituents that government policies do nothing for them; it is a brilliant con game because as we can see, it works.
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