Chris Christie: Parents Should Have ‘Some Measure Of Choice’ On Vaccinating Their Children

Chris Christie is once again speaking to his presidential ambitions and we know that in order to get that Republican Party nomination you have to fight extremely hard to get the anti-science, pro-gun, anti-government Christian vote. Actually the sad part of the anti-vaccination problem is that it isn’t even really a part of the anti-science crowd; there are certain liberals who believe in the link between vaccines and autism despite how many times that link has been debunked. I have been tweeting as many links as possible to the growing evidence that it is our gross overusage of chemicals in everything that has spawned this increase in autism rates and the science has been growing to back this assertion. We should not do away with vaccines that have saved millions of lives over the course of its history. Unfortunately this apparent disregard for a public good seems to have a pattern in our subconsciousness; we have similarly thrown unions under the bus over the years because after decades of living with the fruits of their sacrifice, we don’t know anything else so we forget. Why is it that when we are taking a few steps forward, something happens that stops some of us and forces them to take those same steps back? We had measles and the whooping cough on the run and because of a growing number of anti-vaxxers, we are facing those threats once again. The same can be said about the economy and income parity; we had a grand thing going during the fifties and sixties; unions were strong, manufacturing was strong and government was seen as a good thing for the people because it was of the people, for the people and by the people as we had intended. Then the greed could not be kept down for much longer, the wealthy who had seen their fortunes devastated by a string of catastrophes found ways to insidiously influence the Republican Party through third party means and during the 1970’s when war was going on, so many changes happened right under the average person’s nose that drastically changed their economic lives without anyone really understanding the implications. There was the birth of C.E.O pay tied to stock performance, right to work laws, manufacturing driven overseas thanks to a rewritten tax code, the chipping away of financial regulations and the birth of the credit card. All of these examples taken together, informs me that we must always stay vigilant over our democracy and our responsibilities to our own communities because events have a habit of getting away from us if we fall asleep at the wheel.
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