Republican Senate Takeover Pushes Women Out Of Powerful Committee Posts

The Republican Party mindset is that of the white male circa 1950’s both socially and politically. It is very evident by the policies that they have been pursuing over the past several years; they have been steadfastly determined to legislate women reproductive rights in a punitive fashion and they have been finding ways to make voting as difficult as possible in ways that target the poor, the elderly and both African-American and the latino communities. So after reading this article, I was not surprised that women in congress would find themselves pushed aside from their previous access to leadership roles; in all fairness the article did mention that leadership positions are gotten based on seniority and there aren’t enough women in senior positions especially in the Republican Party and they are the ones calling the shots these days.
Religion has a tremendous influence within the Republican Party’s mindset in regards to women, so I am not surprised that the Republican Party doesn’t see the need to fill leadership positions with women. In all religions, women have a secondary role to play, they are the servants, the nurturers and the submissive in the relationship so when those roles are transferred over to the political world, women shouldn’t be surprised by their exclusion and lest we forget the Republican Party is a party of exclusion. I cannot understand for the life of me how women can subscribe to the Republican Party and their platform, but some do.
I wonder if the Republican Party accepted the economic realities of the 1950’s economically, if families would be better off these days; back then unions were an intrinsic part of the economic landscape, we had a variety of mom and pop stores, we also had a lot more competition in the market place and we didn’t shy away from using our common resources to invest in ourselves. It is interesting that the Republican Party chose to hold onto the worse parts of the 1950’s instead of the better, more economically viable realties for the majority; instead the Republican Party turned their backs on the middle class and became all about the wealthy at all costs. The next two years of republican control of the legislature is on all of us; I hope that the 2014 mid terms will be a huge lesson for us that will be remembered forever.
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