Colorado’s Pot Revenue Is So High The State May Give Residents Money Back

If I were a Colorado resident I would be on the front lines to get the extra revenue back into the Colorado economy by financing education at all levels and injecting their infrastructure with much needed investment and economic stimulus. I really believe that we as a whole have an ill-conceived notion of what taxes mean and thus do not fully comprehend how best to use taxes to our full advantage. If we saw taxes as our means of revenue and our means of savings it would broaden the spectrum of discussion. It might also change the discourse in this country and effectively stifle a lot of the conservative rhetoric; especially with their desire to impose their concept of small government on everyone else in our nation. I realize that when the Republican Party explains their tax ideology in simple terms, putting money back into the taxpayers pockets so that they can decide what to do with their own money; it is very seductive and gives the illusion of control and self-empowerment. Unfortunately that tax ideology does not reflect the reality for the working class; our taxes as a whole is what allows us to have a dependable and efficient infrastructure; only the wealthy can finance their own private schooling, afford the best health care services, live in private gated communities with the best security,, the best roads and live essentially apart from the general population. We the 99% depend upon each other for everything and our common tax base to maintain our public commons. The Republican Party’s slogan of self-reliance is attractive but it doesn’t compute in the reality of the average person; we need to delve beneath the catchy talking points and marketing phrases to really see what the Republican Party is all about, allowing the wealthy to keep more of their wealth for their own uses since they don’t need to share the public commons with the rest of us. This apparent conundrum in Colorado reveals the shortsightedness of what people understand tax policy to mean for themselves and their community. I hope that the legislators will see fit to study this issue in depth and do the right thing for Colorado residents because it would be tragic to not take full advantage of this windfall in revenue properly both present day and in the future.
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