Obama Promises Dreamers He Won’t Back Down

President Obama is 100% correct when he says that the more young undocumented people come forward and sign up, the less damage the Republican Party can do to their chances of becoming full fledged citizens. We need to remember these words, the greater the number of us that band together in any manner, the greater power we have to affect change. We can take this lesson and apply it to a whole slew of proposals such as the Affordable Care Act, free community college, Net Neutrality and Food Labeling. We can take the power of our numbers and take it all the way to the Capitol as we do on election day. Business relies on our power as consumers, we should take that reality further along and apply it to other arena in our lives such as public infrastructure, educational policy and agricultural policy. I realize that when you are economically disadvantaged it is so difficult to think beyond the pile of bills, work and keeping your head afloat, but it is precisely these people that need to come out of the woodwork to vote in their own interests and demand that their elected officials do their bidding instead of cater to the wealthy patrons that are forever sending in their army of lobbyists. We need to be our own personal lobbyists; part of the luxury of living in a democracy is the price of being an active participant. There is no rest for the weary, not if we want to witness the fruits of our participatory democracy; we need to rally, to protest and to vote. It is our job as the people; we need to remember that the Republican Party, even if we didn’t vote for them, works for us and we can alert them to our will and inform them of what we want for our shared community. President Obama has an excellent message for us all, we need to heed it.
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