An Obamacare ‘Replacement?’ Don’t Believe The Hype

I strongly feel that the only way that the Republican Party can really understand the seriousness of their decision to withdraw medical insurance coverage from those who, otherwise would not be able to afford it, is to have these same Republican Party members be stripped of their very own generous benefits. Let them live a year without adequate health care coverage; forced to pick and choose between bills to pay or visiting the doctor, groceries to buy or prescriptions to fill, these are truly horrendous choices that many had to make before the Affordable Care Act and these Republican Party members haven’t a clue as to what that insecurity did to families and what a blessing the Affordable Care Act has come to be for those poor families. They need to understand before they allow their decision making process to be determined by a black and white ideology which is simply a concept learned from books and not experienced in the real world. The very fact that in six years the Republican Party as a whole has not come up with a truly viable alternative speaks volumes over how complex it is to construct a health care coverage program that includes a private industry intent on keeping healthy profit margins all the while giving them as many consumers as possible. President Obama and the Democratic Party did just that and it sticks in the Republican Party’s craw which is why they have been shamelessly trying to tear it down even at the expense of the people. I wish to the depth of my soul that we had adopted Medicare for all, it would have been such a boon and a win for us the people, but unfortunately it was not given a chance. The Supreme Court has many of us worried about the wellbeing of our Affordable Care Act and that is such a sad fact of our political affairs. Why must we still have to fight to have health care coverage be recognized as a right and not a privilege for the select few?
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