Obama’s National Security Strategy Lists Climate Change Among ‘Top Strategic Risks’ To U.S.

The saddest part of the environmental dilemma is that we have been talking about the need to curb our carbon emissions for now over forty years and both sides of the political party system were in agreement, but the fossil fuel industries were blinded by their greed and unfortunately our alternative fuel sources were not quite ready to step in to replace in any meaningful capacity. Fast forward to today and we have the capacity, but we lost the Republican Party, they have betrayed the environment and teamed up with Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Natural Gas to hammer away at any signs of progress and victory that alternative energy sources achieve. Our military as a whole have for the last five years pegged climate change as very high on the list of our greatest national security threats and they have gone their own way in adapting to new means of fueling their submarines and other methods of transport. The Republican Party always stands by the military and yet when it comes to the environment they have parted ways. This new phenomena should be proof positive that the present day Republican Party is not the same as it was in the past; they were a party of reason and common sense even if they represented the business class almost exclusively. The Republican Party of today has left common sense and scholarship on the side of the road and from what I see they have left it there permanently. The party’s mantra is “I am not a scientist” and they have used that mantra as a shield to justify not doing anything legislatively for our environment. I feel very strongly about environmental issues because unlike money and economic policy, our environment exists in the physical world operating in the hard science realm which means that we can’t decide to turn off or manipulate our climate on a whim if the results do not please us. An environmental catastrophe is something that we can only respond to, but we have the capacity to manipulate our actions to mitigate our undue influence on our planet. In reference to our influence on things; monetary, fiscal and economic policy are of course things that we have absolute influence over and can manipulate to whatever outcome those in power see fit, but these aren’t hard sciences, these are ruled by emotions, greed and perception and if debt gets out of control, it can be forgiven; if the world’s oceans get too hot, we can’t just turn on the cold water spigot and cool them off. There lies the distinct difference between the problems of the economic world and the physical world; one we can immediately remedy if we were so inclined by applying progressive ideas to economic problems, the other we cannot put an immediate fix on it, but we need to if we want to continue having clean water, clean air and a healthy soil to feed our world.
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