Obama Opens Up To Humans Of New York About When He Felt ‘Most Broken’

I love the organic birth to of this story. The photographer behind the story who wanted to show the humanity of New York, the young boy who bravely allowed a stranger into his world and his principal who stuck to her values despite incredible odds and made a profound difference in the lives of her kids. This all came together and with the power of social media; it got them to the White House and imagine the impact on the young boy’s life to witness his President as a man who had doubts, who had adversity, who had struggles and still managed to inspire people to vote for him twice. We also need to focus on the meaning behind the struggles; why do we need to care about the hows and the whys and their impact on the human condition? It is because that is what levels the human experience into something shared by all and reduces it to something we can all understand. Empathy and sympathy need to be part of the governing process and we have that in spades with our President. I believe that this story’s importance also magnifies how crucial mentors are to the young; everyone needs to have support and someone who believes in you from a very young age. Imagine how our society would be if children were really as revered in reality as they are in campaign speeches? Imagine if we all came together as a community with the common aim to make sure that no child went to bed hungry? If that were the one thing that we can do, learning would be an easier endeavor because I challenge anyone to learn something new when you are hungry. Poverty is an evil that we should be eradicating, not only here but everywhere, this one goal would go such a long way to eliminate many of the conflicts here and world wide. I may be naive, but one is allowed to dream because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have goals to aspire to and even if it may never happen that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.
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