Obama Says Rape Is ‘Not Okay – And It Has To Stop’ In Grammys Message

I found that moment to be so powerful and I was so proud to have a President who would take the time to send a message that empowers victims and reminds everyone that it is on us to teach the young a culture of respect and acceptance. President Obama continues to fight for inclusiveness, for our society to come together and take care of each other, to lend a hand and to keep the ladder of progress open to everyone. I am tired of the Republican Party’s message of blame and shame;; where the onus of responsibility lies solely with the victim. We should be teaching children throughout gender and class differences that unless the attention is invited, there is no reason for force. The bills that have been drafted in response to rape and the consequences of that crime and the statements that accompany those bills make me so angry. One congressman spoke of “the beauty of a child that results from rape” in an argument against abortion. There are other statements such as “legitimate rape” that imply that if you aren’t bruised or battered, it really was not rape, that your words weren’t enough and that perhaps your demeanor was what warranted uninvited sexual aggression. You do not hear enough talk about teaching boys or girls not to rape. I believe that we need to expand sexual education and explore these ideas of teaching that sex can be used as a weapon, as a tool and as a means to diminish a person, teach that it is wrong and also teach how to protect oneself against being a victim. I applaud our President for making such an important statement in a cultural venue. Rape is not about sex, it is about power, anger, entitlement and violence. Rape is about seeing the other as less than an equal, it is about demanding and taking what the perpetrator wants regardless of the other.
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